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Gordon Campbell V.C Centenary Stamps Cover

Gordon Campbell V.C Centenary Stamps Cover


This stunning cover commemorates the 100th anniversary of Gordon Campbell's VC award. 

  • Commemorating the 100th Anniversary of Gordon Campbell's VC
  • With a Victoria Cross stamp and a 50 pence Machin
  • And a Saltash postmark (17th February, 2017)
  • Produced in partnership with the National Royal Navy Museum

In command of Q-Ship HMS Farnborough, the Victoria Cross was awarded to Gordon Campbell after he deliberately manouvered his ship to get hit by an avoidable U-Boat torpedo. This stunning cover celebrates the 100th anniversary of Gordon Campbell's VC award.

Campbell and his crew then threw out the lifeboats on their slowly sinking ship as a ploy to get the U-Boat to surface, once it did they unleashed fire at the enemy U-Boat from point blank range, sinking it and all but one of its crew.

Due to the vagueness in his VC citation, Campbell was known as the 'Mystery VC'. Campbell famously sent the distress signal "Q5 slowly sinking respectfully wishes you good-bye."

Campbell was in line to receive a second Victoria Cross on two different occasions during his career but declined to accept both times.

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