Destination Portsmouth Game

20th anniversary edition board game

Destination is the Award Winning, fast moving taxi game that will take you on a journey through the streets of Portsmouth, collecting fares from famous destinations in the city!

This Special Edition is 2 games in 1 with a double-sided board. The Day Shift features attractions, landmarks and local businesses and The Night Shift showcases restaurants, bars and local night-life!

Starting from the Taxi Rank you must plan your route around Portsmouth without running out of fuel or losing your Driving Licence. Traffic Light Cards can be a help or a hindrance!

Will you upgrade to a Turbo Taxi and race to your Destinations in half the time? Or will you need a Log Book Loan to bail you out if you run out of cash?

You must watch other players moves carefully; if they land on one of your Destinations you can knock them back to the Taxi Rank and make THEM pay you the fare!

If you are the player to bring the game to a close you get a £250 bonus! But did you win?

The ultimate winner is the player with the highest earnings at the end of the shift.

Good luck! Enjoy the game!


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