Submariner Wool Pullover

Admiralty-issue to the Royal Navy in both world wars, pure wool sweaters like these have made it onto the silver screen in naval films like ‘Above Us the Waves’.

Every bit as suitable for today’s sailors and those who like to keep the waves beneath them, these super-quality submariner sweaters combine the warmth, comfort and rugged durability of pure Merino wool, whilst the neck and shoulder seams are interlinked for strength.


Sizes, relating to chest size, give a loose (but not baggy) fit:

S 40″

M 42″

L 44″

XL 46″


Additional information


Small, Medium, Large, X Large, XX Large

1 review for Submariner Wool Pullover

  1. Pete Williams (verified owner)

    My white submariner’s woolly pully, the last one I wore was over 30 years ago. I ordered one from the RN Submarine Museum and on delivery I eagerly pulled it over my head. It was like being surrounded by a flock of sheep and memories came flooding back of donning one just before going up onto the fin or casing for a helo transfer etc.
    I know this sounds daft, however, I can’t wait for the cold weather to begin and I can truly appreciate the luxury of merino wool.
    All I need now is a proper set of dolphins, my 90 year old mother has my original set, awarded to me in 1976 onboard HMS Swiftsure.

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