Vitamin Sea Balm

Use this all-natural wonder as a hand, foot or full body balm for instant hydration.

With aromatherapy benefits of lavender and vanilla to aid with comfort and relaxation, it sinks in easily and locks in moisture to condition dry skin.

As warming and soothing as an afternoon nap at the beach, everyone needs Vitamin Sea. Perfect for gardener’s hands or cracked heels, the lavender & vanilla blend is ideal for sensitive skin. The aromatic French lavender and sweet vanilla combine to give a comforting scent which lasts. Apply just before relaxing or sleeping and drift away.

Bonus skincare benefit: this is a barrier balm, containing a natural plant wax (Candelilla) that adds a protective layer to the skin. Apply the balm to rehydrate and the Candelilla locks in moisture for longer, keeping you safer in wind and rain.

A little of this product goes a very long way. Customers frequently tell us a 75ml pot lasts a whole year. That’s because every ingredient is active, so you only need a tiny amount to start seeing and feeling a difference.

Our home city of Portsmouth was once known for its soap making and restorative sea bathing. Bringing that heritage back to life, with natural skincare inspired by coastal, natural beauty.

Key ingredients and benefits include:

Almond Oil: Very high in vitamin E, sweet almond oil soothes, moisturises and nourishes, to restore the skin’s barrier function and leave skin feeling velvety soft.

Shea Butter: Rich in fats, vitamin E, F and provitamin A, shea butter is excellent at hydrating dry skin. Great for nourishing even the most sensitive skin types, shea butter will calm areas of inflammation and rejuvenate areas affected by scarring.

Vitamin E: Pure vitamin E moisturises, regenerates and repairs damaged skin cells. Over time our skin’s own supply of vitamin E may deplete. Products packed with vitamin E will help to replenish the skin and bring back a youthful glow.

Suitable for all skin types, especially for those with sensitive and/or dry skin. Perfect for gardeners, gym goers, walkers, balm lovers and for those who need to regularly wash their hands.


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